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What is MAK?
A complete design and build company.
We are people with hammers who you can talk to. MAK is a full-service residential design & build construction company located in Davis, CA. Along with our hammers, we provide original, award winning designs, timely project management, and the highest quality construction.

People who are not afraid to design your kitchen around your waffle iron.
At MAK, we design spaces that meet your specific needs. We won't present you with stock designs that disregard your particular aesthetic. We will work with you to make a better home for both you and your favorite small appliance.

A green company working to make a big impression on you and a small dent on the planet.
MAK is conscious of the impact of every decision. We employ new, environmentally-friendly technologies whenever possible. Many of the building methods we have all grown used to were first implemented when resources seemed inexhaustable. At MAK, we recognize the difference between then and now, and see that the future depends on sustainable building practices. While you may not be ready for a geothermal-powered yurt, we can help you find a few green solutions that you might have otherwise missed.

A community resource.
MAK has worked with the City of Davis to introduce the Green Building Guidelines currently being adopted. We host “green bag” lunches to exchange information with our subcontractors to keep up to date with current practices and products. MAK shares our expertise through home owners’ seminars at home shows and here at the office. We have also made our office available to local non profits (Tree Davis and California Center for Co-operative Development) who are have large and active boards of directors, but lack boardrooms.

Tradespeople who realize that our job-site is your home.
A successful remodel lies at the end of a very dusty journey between inspiration and final inspection. Along the way there are thousands of decisions and personal interactions. A happy ending depends on communication. Though saws may whir and hammers may bang, we understand the difficulties of building where you are living, and do our best to listen, even when we have to wear our earplugs.

Mace Ranch Remodel
This client had purchased a large but plain suburban tract home. Despite adequate square footage on the ground floor, the kitchen space was cramped and awkward to work in. It was shut off from the rest of the downstairs by a curved staircase to the north, a wall with a narrow opening to the dining Room and a sink peninsula near the family Room
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