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Working with MAK was one of the best home improvement decisions we made - and we did work with quite a few different builders and contractors. The whole team works in unison; they meet their deadlines as promised and the finished product is high quality. We appreciate the painless process and their brilliant designs that worked for our circumstances. MAK did not shy away from the challenges our project presented, which all the other builders wanted to avoid and build something that would not make us happy. Even our neighbors complimented [us] on their considerateness and professionalism. We were happy with them so much that [we] ended up working with them on our backyard project after the addition and kitchen remodeling. We are pretty sure [the] backyard will not be the last project we will work with MAK! We highly recommend MAK for any level of home project.
- Ayse T. (2011)
We have had two bathrooms and one kitchen remodeled by MAK Design + Build. Our experience couldn't have been better! Ken, the owner, is a really nice guy and wants to do right by his clients. The design team works with you to create a beautiful and functional vision for your space. Our budget wasn't the biggest, but they really helped us maximize our dollar! The contractors are very sweet, considerate, honest, and hard-working guys who want to make sure they get everything right. One of the contractors came over on the weekend to teach us how to paint properly! Overall, MAK is a group of genuinely nice and honest people. They truly went above and beyond on our two separate remodeling projects. I will definitely use them again for anything else we need! I highly recommend MAK Design + Build!
- Hilary H. (2011)
I have remodeled my castle three times, and this was the first time it was an enjoyable process!
- Winfried S. (2010)
Thank you for the beautiful new bathrooms. We are enjoying them every single day. The way you do your work is so much appreciated – you made it easy and stress-free for us. Special thanks for Chris and Nathan who we saw the most of – but I know there are also good people working behind the scenes to help make things happen.

- Ed and Kathleen H. (2008)
We hired MAK for our remodel and they rocked it! We are very pleased with the craftsmanship, creativity, organization and personnel management they showed. Remodels aren't something one dreams about experiencing in their own house as they can be very stressful and inherently have an invasion aspect to them. MAK people were always very courteous and low impact when it came to being in our 'space', which is true for the sub-contractors too. Of course there are situations during any remodel where you have to negotiate unpredictable territory - the project manager, Chris and Ken always stepped forward to hear what we wanted and were willing to rework if necessary to make us happy. My family has been through two remodels with two different companies and MAK came shining through by far.
We highly recommend Ken Kirsch and MAK to anyone who is entertaining the thought of a remodel. Give them a call, for sure!

- Davis Wiki, Robin W. (via Davis Wiki, 2010)
I want to thank you, not only for my beautiful kitchen and family room, but for the ease and fun of the whole remodel experience. You and your whole staff made me feel supported from the beginning. You all listened to me, made suggestions, and offered feasible ideas that I had not considered.
The crew working at the house – Jorge, Nate, and Chris – took very good care of me. They kept track and let me know the steps of the process and when to expect things to be done. I appreciated their careful work, their skills, and their attitudes that doing their best was the way it would be. You have done an excellent job in choosing men who work together well, seem very aware of each other's styles, and who respect each other. I miss them. Thank you for creating an excellent company and setting an atmosphere and skill level that pleased me.

- Katie T. (2010)
Working with MAK on our remodel was never close to the dreaded experience realized by so many others working with contractors and architects. There was daily dialogue, weekly meetings and clear communication all the way through. They worked with us to stay within budget, were creative, dedicated and I sincerely missed them after the six months were over and we moved back in!

- Kelly P. (2006)
'This is something they are really good at doing: high-end design on a super budget,' Mary says about MAK…'Take the roof, for example. We were talking about the ceiling and how it was very low, and it really made the front of the house look like a bunker,' Mary says. 'We had wanted to raise the roof, and we started looking at the budget, which was more than we wanted to spend. Ken and his crew kept working on it and working on it and working on it, until they figured out a way to do it. They lifted it about a foot across the front. It made all the spaces inside more interesting, and it made all the difference in the way the front of the house looks.'

- Mary P. (via Sacramento Magazine, 2010)
Ken and his staff of talented, professional, creative and friendly craftsmen completed an absolutely amazing remodel of the kitchen, downstairs bathroom and family room in our home. The MAK Design/Build team brought three significant strengths to our project: 1. A creative, innovative and green approach to our project. 2. An extensive wealth of experience and knowledge of building practices and technique to achieve our desired results. 3. Outstanding communication skills - weekly meetings, emailed meeting notes, clear contracts - all of which led to no surpises.
This project came in on budget and on time producing a superior, award winning product. I would highly recommend Ken Kirsch and his firm MAK Design/Build to anyone."

- David R. (via Linked In, 2010)
Our remodeled house feels like the home we were meant to have. It is a pleasure to be in. It runs like a machine: easy to move around in, cook in, entertain in and clean. There is nothing we would improve upon - neither the process nor the product. It was totally worth it. I wouldn't have done anything differently.
The beauty of our bathroom can't be denied. The marble, the gorgeous glass tile and the fixtures are all real showpieces. But greater than beauty is functionality. We can both be in the bathroom getting ready for work in the early morning and have everything we need close at hand and still have more than enough space. Since it's the master bath, most people never see it. But those who do want to move into it and live there.

- Nancy L. (2010)
People who have seen the (new) layout have just said, 'Wow,' Viray explains…'MAK did a great job…'

- Frances V. (via Sacramento Magazine, 2008)
I found myself roaming the new spaces, noticing how the light played through the curtains and slanted across the floors. It was beautiful. The long hall view all the way to the back yard with the tip of the tub peeking out with it's elegant curve. I'm not trying to be poetic by any means. I just want you to know the finished product that you all have helped create is absolutely gorgeous. We have nooks in which to hide or cuddle with the kids, we have space to disappear if we need to. And it's an inviting, delicious space. I want to thank you for making the process an easy, comfortable one. A thoughtful, considerate one. Coming home for lunch is good medicine now. We are happy.

- Danette K. (2009)
MAK won five Contractor of the Year Awards in 2010 - including the Judges Choice Award! We were recognized by the Sacramento Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Click here to see our winning projects and read about our clients' stories of success! Read more...