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Linking design and construction saves you
time and money, ensuring
good communication
and clear accountability.

Why MAK?
At MAK Design+Build, we use the design-build approach to your project as a way to best satisfy your vision, budget and schedule. The design-build process is a more streamlined approach to home remodeling. Typically, a homeowner will hire an architect or designer to design the project and create drawings which are then distributed to several contractors for bids. It is a cumbersome and time-consuming process often with less than satisfactory results for the homeowner.

MAK offers architectural design and construction expertise under one roof. You save time throughout the project because one phone call to one company is all you need to communicate any changes or concerns you might have. Nothing is lost in translation between designer and builder.

By working with MAK Design+Build, you only have to manage one relationship throughout your entire home remodeling process. This ensures good communication, clarifies accountability, and minimizes unforeseen problems down the road. Linking design and construction saves you time and money, and makes the process more manageable. We can’t eliminate all the surprises, but we sure work hard to minimize them!

When you work with MAK Design+Build, you join a dynamic team and process where the strengths of all the players come together. This collaboration goes a long way in ensuring that your home remodel experience is the best that it can be. As the customer, you are the most important member of the design-build team. You will ultimately determine the design, the materials selection, and the budget. Your specific design issues and needs are our greatest concern. The success of any project lies in the communication and execution of ideas. That is why at MAK, clear communication is essential to high quality design and construction. We listen to you and incorporate your feedback and ideas into your project. We want you to love your house!

ONE. The design-build process starts as soon as you call or email us about your project ideas. Once we hear from you, we schedule a time to talk with you over the phone so we can best understand your needs and tell you about our process. Although it is very difficult to estimate costs this early on, we can give you cost information from projects we have recently completely which sound comparable to yours. If our process, approach, and conversation skills fit with your needs, we would then schedule a time to come out to your home to meet you in person.

TWO. At this meeting, we want to hear more about and see how you want to change your space, as well as to establish a budget. Prior to this meeting we would email you an exercise to complete called “I wish, I want, I need” which will help you to establish your remodeling priorities. We will go through this information in detail so we can propose the biggest bang for your buck!

THREE. If we’re all still feeling the love, we then draft a Project Analysis and Design Agreement, also known as the PAD, for our design services. We take extra care to include your design goals in this document as well as a budget range so we can design to your specific criteria. Again, we’re trying to minimize surprises! We don’t want to tell you we can do something for an unrealistic cost or propose a design which far exceeds your budget.

FOUR. Once the PAD is signed and your start date is identified, the real fun begins! We will develop preliminary design solutions just for you, including drawings, a scope of work, preliminary cost estimates, and finish and material recommendations. The materials we present at this meeting provide a spring board for further discussion.

As the drawings begin to take shape over time, MAK will provide a more refined construction budget based on your project goals and selections. We will do our best to give you the cost implications of different design solutions. Part of enjoying the remodel process is knowing that you can afford it. We are committed to keeping costs at a level that you can live with.

A successful remodel depends on the clarity of the design. For this reason, the construction contract is accompanied by detailed project specifications. These specifications ensure that your design has been carefully estimated and you know exactly what to expect. Once we get the permits and establish a start date, we will schedule a meeting with you to meet the lead carpenters in charge of your job. At this point, we are ready to bring in the power tools.

Sticker Shock
Remodeling your home can be a large financial investment - big enough to raise the hairs on the back of the most sophisticated MBA. Oftentimes, it's frustrating for homeowners not to know exactly what their project will cost before they are certain of the changes they want to make. MAK can give you a "ballpark" estimate based on the costs of recent comparable projects, but it is not until we've worked together with you to assess the project scope in terms of structure and finishes that we can give you a more precise cost for your project. But as designers and builders in one company, MAK staff can examine the trade offs of all your project's structural, financial, and design challenges at the same time.

Choosing from your wish list and working within your budget are probably the most challenging parts of design development. We are committed to working with you during this process to determine the value and costs of the various design solutions so the total project works within your budget constraints.

It should put you at ease to know, however, that a well-designed project with quality materials is an investment that is sure to grow. Whether it's an investment in your future to be able to live in a house that you love or an investment in the value of your real estate, MAK Design+Build knows from experience that a thoughtful remodel will benefit you for years to come.

Mission Modern
This client had two goals for their hall bathroom remodel: aesthetically integrate the bathroom with the modernized Mission style they had created in the rest of the house, while keeping in mind that the bathroom had to work well for their grandchildren and guests when they came to visit.
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