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Case Study:
Western Cool
This empty-nest couple decided to move from spacious and remote ranch to “city living.” They wanted a home with enough land to re-create the privacy of their own home, but nearer to city amenities as they grew older. This home had a wonderful lot, with the house set at the back for privacy, in a quiet neighborhood. The home itself was a jumble of poor design and aged finishes.

  • Removed a small, landlocked office to create space for a larger master bathroom and walk-in closet.
  • Master suite reconfigured for better space and traffic flow.
  • Removed sub-grade sunken tub/shower.
  • Kitchen and dining room enlargements took over an extra bedroom.
  • Hall bath reconfigured to open to hallway instead of just to the bedrooms it was sandwiched between.
  • Part of garage converted to create a bedroom/office. Remaining garage and deck converted to an open breezeway-style carport.
  • Plentiful doors and windows allow light and views of the yard.
  • Roof reconfigured from a low slope with a ridgeline over the living space to allow nine-foot ceilings. Highly reflective Duro-Last roof material for energy-efficiency with single-ply membrane that is leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and low maintenance.
  • Walls and ceiling insulated with high-density spray foam for increased heat and sound insulation.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling system installed with sealed ducts.
  • Installed high-efficiency zero-clearance gas fireplace.
  • Plumbing to reconfigured baths and kitchens required water lines to run above ceiling.
  • Existing foundation floor was topped with durable concrete overlay.
  • 1900 Series and 1600 Series cabinetry throughout for durability, low-VOC construction, and aesthetics.
  • Caesarstone countertops throughout for durability, low-maintenance upkeep, and aesthetics. Laundry counter is laminated banana-fiber from banana-plantation waste.
  • Windows are Anderson 100 with cocoa bean exterior finish for earth-friendly quality, insulation, and aesthetics. Exterior doors are 400 series for durability and finish.
  • Exterior water heater closet plumbed with hot water and shower mixer for dog bathing station.
  • Exterior finished with durable acrylic stucco with integral color and cedar cladding.
  • Steel I-beam and reclaimed redwood trellis allow light near entry while continuing strong exterior lines.