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NARI 2012 Contractor of the Year: Residential Kitchen $40,000-$80,000
An architect’s first project, this custom house contained a few riddles, plenty of floor height changes, and a tangle of mechanical parts. MAK straightened out the ducts, plumbing, and electrical lines, removed a dropped plywood ceiling, unified the floor levels, and outfitted a new kitchen layout with vibrant colors and materials. Cleared-out mechanical closets became drop zone nooks and hidden desk space. An enclosed kitchen became a social thoroughfare. With an eye for family life and large holiday gatherings, this remodel is both functional and fun. Read More.
NARI 2012 Contractor of the Year: Entire House Less Than $250,000
For this dated and cramped two-story Streng home, MAK created a more open floor plan that still maintained a formal dining and entertaining area, complete with display space for the couple’s many world-wide treasures. The kitchen was opened up to the family room with a stepped island transitioning between the two spaces. The office and bath adjacent to the family room were reconfigured so that the bathroom could be accessed directly by guests or separated off as a private suite. Updated finishes add warmth and lightness. Read More.
NARI CotY 2011Contractor of the Year: Entire House Under $250,000
This 1990’s home was originally built to display an array of “custom” features--double staircases, tricked out ceiling levels, shaped counters and "hidden" electrical outlets. This custom home was built with tract home approaches to design and craftsmanship. The result was a visually cluttered and difficult to navigate space that was in urgent need of higher quality craftsmanship.
NARI CotY 2010 Entire House Remodel
$250,000 to $500,000
This empty-nest couple decided to move from a spacious and remote ranch to "city living." They wanted a home with enough land to re-create the privacy of their own home, but nearer to city amenities as they grew older. This home had a wonderful lot, with the house set at the back for privacy, in a quiet neighborhood. The home itself was a jumble of poor design and aged finishes. Read More.
NARI CotY 2010 Judges Choice Award
MAK's whole-house project, featured in the Western Cool case study, was selected for the 2010 NARI Contractor of the Year Judge's Choice Award for the Sacramento Chapter, as well as winning in the Entire House Remodel category. The Judges Choice Award is granted regardless of points accrued (the basis for other award selection in the CotY's), and regardless of category entered. The project is chosen from amongst all entries for all categories. MAK is honored to have been awarded Judges Choice for 2010. Read More.
NARI CotY 2010 Residential Kitchen
$80,000 to $120,000
For the original owners of this 1999 tract house, it was time for a change. The noisy, dusty, awkward, and cluttered kitchen they had learned to live with suffered from poor lighting, no sound insulation, and an ill conceived layout. The kitchen needed to be transformed. The clients were ready for, in their own words, a "luxe and spacious" kitchen suitable for quiet breakfasts or large holiday meals.
Read More.
NARI CotY 2010 Residential Addition
$100,000 to $250,000
From a torn magazine ad for a Kohler soaking tub, a master suite addition was born. For these busy parents of two small children the dream of creating a private space to recharge in their small, ranch home was realized in this 475 square foot addition.
Read More.
NARI CotY 2010 Residential Bathroom
$30,000 to $60,000
Midway through a kitchen design, these West-Coast transplants decided to add remodeling a master bathroom into their growing scope of work. A cramped and awkward layout and a tiny water closet that provided the only privacy from the master bedroom and left them yearning for a large soaking tub with a separate shower and the ability to bathe in privacy. They hoped a new design could accomplish these goals, reflect their "Old New York" style and add just enough modernism to keep it from feeling "too fussy." Read More.
NARI CotY 2009 Residential Kitchen Over $100,000
This client had purchased a large but plain suburban tract home. Despite adequate square footage on the ground floor, the kitchen space was cramped and awkward to work in. It was shut off from the rest of the downstairs by a curved staircase to the north, a wall with a narrow opening to the dining room and a sink peninsula near the family room. Read More.
NARI CotY 2008 Best Residential Bathroom $30,000-$60,000
The client had two goals for their hall bathroom remodel: aesthetically integrate the bathroom with the modernized Mission style they had created in the rest of the house, while keeping in mind that the bathroom had to work well for their grandchildren and guests when they came to visit. Read More.
NARI CotY 2008 Best Residential Kitchen over $100,000
The design goals for this project were to increase the space in the kitchen and dining areas while bringing the outside in with improved access to the backyard and natural light. With an irregular lot size, the allowable additional space was limited by planning department guidelines. Integrating the kitchen, dining and living rooms would be essential for a sense of spaciousness in this small house. The existing house was 1,335 square feet on a diminutive 4,500 square foot lot, leaving little room inside or out for expanding the living space.
NARI CotY 2008 Best Residential Entire House Remodel $250,000-$500,000
The growing needs of our clients led them to favor the size and location of this former rental property to the quaint but well-appointed Spanish bungalow they had originally planned on renovating. Unfortunately, this long-neglected 3 bedroom, 2 bath home suffered from serious layout issues and completely lacked curb appeal. Read More.
The Greater Sacramento Valley Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recognized Davis remodeler MAK Design + Build Inc. with several Contractor of the Year Awards.

Contractor of the Year Awards (CotY©) recognize and reward excellence in the professional remodeling industry.

Winning projects exhibit an outstanding approach and result. Factors taken into consideration during judging include: the degree to which the expressed needs of the client were met, evidence of superior craftsmanship, overcoming obstacles, and the innovative uses of materials and/or methods of construction. An impartial panel of judges, experts from within the industry and associated fields, select the CotY Award winners.

MAK Design + Build, Inc. submitted entries in the following project categories. In each of the categories MAK's submission was deemed the most outstanding entry for the Greater Sacramento Valley Chapter.